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Welcome to the Veterinary Anthropology website. I am a veterinarian who has lived and worked in India and the Himalayas for the last decade. I have established and managed veterinary public health and animal welfare programs in India and South Asia for 15 years, mainly with Vets Beyond Borders, the organisation I co-founded.

My interest in anthropology began while working in South Asia on veterinary public health programs. It became evident that without a sensitive understanding and a knowledge of culture, society and religion– medical and veterinary programs and interventions will not flourish. Most of the obstacles I faced during those years were not scientific or concerning medicine and surgery. They were over local cultural misunderstandings, religious beliefs, politics and other aspects of society. This led me to study medical anthropology at the Australian National University (ANU), and I immediately saw the far-reaching benefits of this discipline for the veterinary profession.

I studied and researched Tibetan medicine and am now investigating traditional Tibetan veterinary medicine through a Ph.D. program, initially at ANU but now at the University of Sydney. This has gradually morphed into a multi-disciplinary project about the veterinary anthropology of Bhutan. As time goes on and Ph.D. time commitments allow, I will continue to post more to this site and welcome input about the topic. Feel free to contact me or post comments below.


Catherine Schuetze BVSc, BVBiol, BAPS (1st hons)
PhD Candidate
The University of Sydney
“Veterinary Anthropology of Bhutan”

veterinaryanthropology (at)

Ready to judge the inaugural mastiff dog show in Soe, north-west Bhutan.

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