Veterinary Anthropology of Gender

There are many areas where the examination of gender in relationship to animal health and healing can shed light on the veterinary profession and assist veterinary educators and policy makers. From the gendered knowledge of women working with animals in subsistence communities to the feminisation of the veterinary profession, gender issues are wide-ranging and significant.

Feminisation of the veterinary profession is a relatively recent phenomenon but is attracting interest because the culture of the veterinary profession is still predominantly masculine. Why do female veterinarians now constitute 50% of the workplace, and in some places, 90% of veterinary students? How does that affect the practice of veterinary medicine? How do women negotiate the typically masculine culture of veterinary science?

This link leads to examples of literature about the gendered knowledge and practice in traditional animal health and healing, or ethnoveterinary medicine.

Anthra is a unique organisation, based in India, which specifically conducts research and training for women on animal health in communities.

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